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The Conservancy can only continue working to turn the Gowanus Canal into a beautiful, historic, green recreational destination with your generous support.

EXPO Gowanus

Join us for our first Expo Gowanus, on Thursday May 28 5:00PM-8:00PM at PS 32, a free event featuring Design, Stewardship, and Investigation projects and ideas that beautify and enhance the health of the Gowanus Canal and Watershed. Click "MORE" for additional information.

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2015 Clean & Green Schedule

Celebrate six years of volunteer programs throughout the Gowanus. Join the Gowanus Canal Conservancy and hundreds of volunteers to make the Gowanus Canal and its watershed more open, clean, and alive.

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Urban Ecology Lecture Series

It is finally starting to feel like spring so let's talk about urban flora!

Join us for our second panel discussion on Tuesday April 28 6:30-8PM on

Native and Not: NYC's Dynamic Flora

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2015 ¡Composting Gowanus! Schedule

Join us as we incorporate up to 10,000 pounds of food scraps into a new compost windrow every month!

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EXPO Gowanus

Expo Gowanus LogoOn Thursday May 28 5:00PM-8:00PM, join us for our first annual Expo Gowanus at PS 32, a free event featuring Design, Stewardship and Investigation projects that would beautify and enhance the health of the Gowanus Canal and Watershed.

Communities members, teachers and students will be inspired to take action and consider the ways we all can contribute to the health of the local environment.

For more information including how to register as an exhibitor, click here.

2015 Clean & Green Schedule

Clean and Green

Now in its sixth year, the Clean & Green Volunteer Program has grown to a network of over 1,315 volunteers, who contributed 3,685 hours in 2014. Join us to undertake creative, environmental stewardship projects to restore the ecological health of the Canal and its watershed. For more information, click here.

The Gowanus Canal Conservancy is an independent environmental 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization formed in 2006. More >