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Rainwater Harvesting System Workshops

The GCC will be hosting a series of workshops on the environmental challenges of the Gowanus Canal and the Green Infrastructure measures taking place in the neighborhood. View upcoming workshop dates here.

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2016 Urban Ecology Lecture Series

Once a month, our guest panelists bring perspectives on timely and practical aspects of urban ecology from science, history, social science and professional fields through short, dynamic presentations and lively panel discussions that include Q&A with the audience.

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GCC Pop-Up Nursery

Saturdays 10am-2pm
Carroll St. & Nevins St, Brooklyn, NY 11215

This growing season, check out our Pop-Up Nursery at the corner of Carroll & Nevins! Volunteers and students will be helping us grow a wide array of mostly native plants well-adapted to our urban conditions. These plants will be installed in gardens throughout the Watershed, and are also for sale. See list of plants currently available here.

Thanks to Alloy for hosting and Greenbelt Native Plant Center for supporting our 2016 Nursery.


EXPO Gowanus

Saturday, May 21, 2016, 11am to 2pm

Join us for EXPO Gowanus, a community event where you can learn more about the environmental issues in Gowanus and get involved in remedies. We’re highlighting exciting projects underway and the creative ways that volunteers, designers, schools and organizations are working toward a healthier Gowanus Canal and Watershed.

Do you live upland from the Gowanus Canal - in Park Slope, Carroll Gardens or Prospect Heights? You might be surprised to learn that you’re a part of the Gowanus Watershed. When rain overflows the sewer system, wastewater from the Gowanus Watershed overflows into the Gowanus Canal--adding 377 million gallons of polluted water into the Canal every year. Learn what you can do about combined sewage overflow, other issues and solutions for the Canal, the Edge and the Watershed. 

EXPO 2016 will be held in the middle of the Gowanus Watershed. Anyone interested in learning more or getting involved should attend this event!

Check out the interactive exhibits we have at EXPO Gowanus this year!





Gowanus ArtLab Workshops

ArtLab Gowanus is a popup structure on the Whole Foods Esplanade that will host monthly site-specific FREE art workshops, taught by local artists.

The “lab” is a steel-framed pop-up structure that provides flexible workspace for groups and individuals. There are built-in work surfaces, as well as storage for smaller drawing boards that participants can borrow for use in the nearby bench seating or around the neighborhood.

Sedums will inhabit the green roof, capturing and retaining rainwater before it makes its way into the canal; the floor will additionally feature a watershed mural. The structure thus becomes an educational opportunity itself while it hosts other workshops.

By offering a space along the canal for site-specific art-making, this structure places value on different ways of seeing an often maligned water body and its surrounding neighborhood. It acts as a new lens along the Gowanus Canal, opening up opportunities for discovery through art and stewardship.

View all workshops here.


Rainwater Harvesting System Workshops

Lenny RWH SystemIn partnership with GrowNYC, GCC is building a modular Rainwater Harvesting System to capture rainfall at our compost and nursery site. The project will have multiple benefits of capturing rainwater used to irrigate plants, prevent pollution by minimizing combined sewer overflow, provide a shaded workspace for volunteers working on composting and plant propagation, and for school-age and adult visitors to participate in workshops and activities. It will also provide a way to get shelter from the rain and act as a demonstration of what homeowners and gardeners can do at their own site.

We will be hosting workshops throughout 2016. Learn how to implement your own GI system, including how to build your own rainwater harvesting system using rain barrels.

Where Does Your Water Come From? Where Does It Go?
Learn more at two events:
April 16 - Park Slope Civic Sweep, 5th Avenue between 3rd and 4th St
May 21 - EXPO Gowanus, 5th Avenue and 4th St

In partnership with GrowNYC, learn about what you can do to help prevent Combined Sewer Overflows in New York City. Whenever it rains, raw sewage is dumped untreated into New York City water-bodies like the Gowanus Canal. In this hands on workshop, learn about this problem and come away with ideas about what you can do from adopting a bioswale, to building your own rainwater harvesting system. More info here.

View upcoming workshop dates here.

RSVP through the Google Survey here.

Funding provided by the NYS Pollution Prevention Institute through a grant from the NYS Pollution Prevention Institute or the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation.

Any opinions, findings, conclusions or recommendations expressed are those of the author(s) and do not necessarily reflect the views of the Department of Environmental Conservation.

2016 Urban Ecology Lecture Series

Urban Ecology Lecture Series

Plants, animals, humans, economy, culture and infrastructure all make up our urban ecology. These elements are constantly interacting, creating both change and equilibrium in a complex environment.  Once a month, our guest panelists bring perspectives on timely and practical aspects of urban ecology from science, history, social science and professional fields through short, dynamic presentations and lively panel discussions that include Q&A with the audience.

Please click here to see more information about our upcoming lectures.

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